Friday, October 31, 2008

Strawberry Aprons

I finished these two aprons yesterday. They are made from a tablecloth and vintage handkerchiefs.

First apron. I bought the tablecloth at a local antique and gift store but the tag said "Moda Home". The material is a cotton twill.

First apron pocket. This one is my favorite.

Apron back.

Second apron. The pattern was from a booklet I bought at Hobby Lobby called Sew Simple by Gooseberry Patch.

I'm planning on selling these but don't know the where's and when's yet. Oh, and as a side note I probably will not be posting very many, if any, more sewing or crafting projects until January because from now 'til then they will all be Christmas related. See you later!


Janna said...

Adorable! I love the idea of using vintage linens to create new things. Have you considered selling them on Etsy?

Caroline said...

Thanks Janna! I do have an Etsy shop but I can't seem to get my Paypal account working. After I get it fixed I'll start putting things in my shop.