Monday, January 19, 2009

Three More Skirts

These skirts were about the only thing I worked on over the last few weeks.

A friend ordered them for herself and her daughters.

Love this one. Thought about stealing it but it wouldn't have fit me.
All fabrics are from the Stonehill collection for Jo-Ann.

Just let me know when you get tired of seeing skirts like this and I'll stop posting them :). See ya!


Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline,
Beautiful skirts! No, don't ever
think about not posting your sewing projects. I always look forward to seing them.

Lisa said...

Hi Caroline,
Kaitlyn is always telling me how beautiful your sewing is, when I went through your blog and saw everything, especially these 3 skirts, and the tiny doll I had to compliment you !
Just gorgeous!
~Kaitlyn's Mom

Lorrie said...

I love your skirts. Do you make them for yourself?