Friday, March 13, 2009


Olivia really wanted a pony for her birthday, a real one that she could ride on and couldn't it live in the tree house?

Pattern: Kid's Drawing Softie from Stitched In Time by Alicia Paulson.

I added the embroidery to the big yellow circles because they just looked so blank and inviting.
I have a habit of stuffing things a bit too liberally.

O for Olivia.

I think she liked him.


Emily said...

It's beautiful! The embroidery is just lovely as well! :)

Mrs. Gore said...

He is adorable! Don't worry! He isn't overstuffed. He will need that extra padding to carry him through all the years of hugging!

Andrea Singarella said...

this is so sweet Caroline! And there you go again with your perfect stitching. Adorable!