Monday, June 15, 2009


We are back home again! I had meant to post yesterday but I had to hunt down some camera batteries. I didn't get very many pictures of the actual conference but I did get a few good shots of us doing other things.

Mary Laurence insisted upon hanging up all of her clothes in the wardrobe (including her pajamas) and of course Georgia Beth found this to be a very interesting process.

There was a lovely Magnolia tree outside the window.

Exploring the lobby. They had an exhibit of pieces by local artists that had been inspired by the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. It was very, um, interesting.

At the book fair. Mary Laurence's favorite booth was the one that sold puppets.

Georgia Beth and I walked around while Mama and Daddy and Mary Laurence where in the key note session. Georgia Beth does not like to sit and listen.

I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of the top I mentioned in my last post.

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Lillian said...

I love the shirt Caroline!
Hope you had a good time at the conference.