Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christmas Camp 2009 - Project One

I am teaching another sewing camp in November. This time we will be making Christmas gifts. Monday's projects will be travel accessories.

I made them in pink and girlie but they could easily be made out of more manly materials and given to a brother, father, etc.

The first item we will be making is a shoe bag.

I wish I had had this two weeks ago when I was doing so much roaming about. Carrying your extra pairs of shoes in your suitcase takes up a lot of room and makes said suitcase, well, smell a bit.

The second item is a rice filled neck roll.

"...we kind of obsessively like our rice pillows and firmly believe it's one of those small things that greatly improve our quality of life... Part of our nighttime ritual is to pop one in the microwave, heat it up, and wrap it around cold feet , lay it on an upset stomach, or just snuggle with it when it's cold and pouring rain outside... These are so quick and satisfying to make, think of it as one of those quilts you haven't had courage to jump into just yet..."
- Wise Craft

Patterns: Me!
Materials: Scrap Bag!


Caroline said...

Cute! I love the fabric combination.

Emily said...

Such lovely things! I would love a show bag like that - so pretty too! I Scottish dance and it would be a great place to keep dance shoes in. They can smell up a drawer! lol Have a wonderful time teaching this year! It sounds like fun!

Lillian said...

Looks good!

Mrs. Gore said...

Those rice pillows are so nice! I made one but filled it with flax seed and the herbs from some bags of Sleepy Time Tea. I love it! It smalls wonderful when you heat it up. Mmmmm. You choose such beautiful fabrics.

Emily said...

I can't wait!