Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Traveling By Way of Books

I greatly enjoy reading aloud to the little girls. We are currently exploring the falling apart houses surrounding Gone-Away Lake. It gives me such pleasure to share with them the stories that I loved when I was younger. I have created a Goodreads shelf just for our read aloud books so you can see where we've traveled!


Emily said...

I love being able to read aloud to my little ones. You really can travel to so many wonderful places! :) Have a wonderful day!

Mrs. Gore said...

Oh, how I love Read-Aloud time! Many wonderful hours of my life were and still are spent reading aloud, and being read to by the kids.

Anonymous said...

Caroline ,
I love the handmade note cards you made.
My mom bought one from you and she thinks it's adorable.


Christine said...

What a blessing it is that you read to your little sisters! One of my favorite aspects of homeschooling is having ample time to read aloud to my little ones. We are enjoying reading through the Little House books, and are currently reading The Long Winter.