Thursday, December 31, 2009


Is the beginning of a new year.

Right now...

There is no sin in that year,

There is no suffering in that year.

It is clean.

It is fresh.

It is a blank page.

On that page...

I will write,

My family will write,

My friends will write


My heavenly Father has already written.

Many blessings and hopes to all who stop here for a very happy New Year!
With Love, Caroline


emily b. said...

isn't that the most assuring thought?

(i love the fresh blog lovelies! happy new year.)

Marissa and Andrea said...

What a great reminder that God already has each of our days ordained for us. Thank you for that, Caroline, and happy new year!
In Christ,

Mrs. Gore said...

I look forward to reading what you write! I hope to do the same, and I have already begun catching my family journal which I have neglected ever since my mother passed away.