Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Dare

Good Morning One And All!

I spent the last several days at the home of a friend and while I was there I was introduced to this amazing person. Her name is The Pioneer Woman. I will introduce you to her gently {*wink*}.


{A.K.A. Death By Butter}

Try them. I dare you. Warning: you may not survive.


emily b. said...

caroline, you should *never* dare me to do anything. because now, i am little short of morally obligated to go down to the kitchen and mix up these little temptations! (how shall i ever cope?!)

there are no raspberries in the house, however. must try apples. or pears.

Caroline said...

I didn't have any raspberries either so I used blueberries. I guess I should have put that in the post.

Lynnie said...

Oh Pioneer Woman is wonderful, I am glad you have found her!!
Enjoy following her blog and getting to know her!

Kaitlyn Michelle said...

ooohhh, they look so yummy! :)

Christine said...

The Pioneer Woman is terrific. I was so thrilled to borrow a copy of her new cookbook, from the library, a few weeks ago. She is one talented lady.

Ashley said...

oh yes, i've been under PW spell for a long time now. you should try her Chocolate Sheet Cake. oh. my. goodness.

{just try to ignore the insane amount of butter in it. ;) }

Caroline said...

Why did you have to say that? Now I have to go and buy some chocolate!