Sunday, January 10, 2010

Movie Review: Return to Cranford

With Masterpiece airing the first of the new episodes of Cranford tonight I thought I would write you a quick review, hopefully with no spoilers!

"Love, it is the final word."
- Miss Matty

Miss Matty is content with her quiet life. With the return of her brother she has closed her tea shop and now spends her time helping to care for Martha's baby and meeting her friends often. The railway has stopped five miles from town and the good ladies of Cranford feel themselves to be safe from it. Yet their peaceful lives are about to be altered. Through grief and trial Miss Matty is brought to see the advantages of the railway and urges her friends to reconsider their previous views on the subject. But when things do not turn out as she expected and further tragedy occurs Miss Matty believes she has opened a Pandora's box and wonders if there is anything she can do to make amends and give the people of her town hope.

As with the first series there is very little content to report and what there is is extremely mild. There is a childbirth scene but all we see is some blood on someone's hand and we hear the mother's cries. There is an explosion which kills one person but we only see this from a distance. One character removes his shirt to expose several burn marks. Two characters exchange love letters and kiss once. Some of the ladies attend a Halloween party where they tell ghost stories. There is a magic show and various tricks are preformed. There was no immodesty and I do not remember any language.



Lynnie said...

Caroline have you seen Wifes and Daughters? If not, I do recommend it. You will likely love it.
Have a great Sunday!

Caroline said...

Yes, I have seen Wives and Daughters! I really enjoyed watching it!

Elinor Dashwood said...

I LOVED the sequel! Your review was much better than mine; I gave away all sorts of spoilers! ;-)

emily b. said...

well, i haven't seen it yet but *thank you* for posting this - i saw it just in time to tape the episodes. :) can't wait.