Saturday, February 6, 2010

Contest Update


Lynnie said...

Congrats! If I had been judging you would have received first place! Great craftsmanship!

My Life Under the Bus said...

Congratulations !!! : ) Patty

emily b. said...

no surprise there: you are a winner all the way around, caroline!

Mylena said...

Congratulations Caroline,
I agree with Lynnie, I believe you should have won too!

P.s. I sent you an email about the give away.
Please comment to me if you recieved it.

Your Friend,

Caroline said...

Awww! Y'all are so sweet! Thank you!

Mylena, I did get your e-mail. Thanks!

Emma said...

Congratulations Caroline!!! He is such a sweet and handsome little fellow. I wouldhave given you first as well.