Friday, February 26, 2010


Long time, no see! My family and I spent last week in bed with a stomach virus. It wasn't much fun. It took a while but I do believe I'm over that terrible experience now and can get back into the sewing room and kitchen. Actually, I've been back a little bit, not much has come out of the sewing room yet. The kitchen however is another story. I just baked this biscotti recipe. And oh. my. goodness. Are they ever divine!


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

glad you're feeling better! :)

emily b. said...

lol, caroline, i can just see myself doing that (posting on the wrong blog. which would be a *big* deal because my other "blog" is a completely private journal! thankfully i'm not too worried about this because i journal mostly in a physical book now. :D)

also...i have these very same biscotti in the oven *right* now! happy coincidence. glad to know they are much-to-be-anticipated.