Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sewing for Spring: Skirt the First

Pattern: McCall's 3341
Material: Lightweight Denim


Kaitlyn Michelle said...

Hi Caroline! I am making my blog private for awhile, however, I would love to still have you follow me. Is there an email address so that I can send an invitation to you? You can send it to:

Thanks so much!

Caroline said...

Hi Kaitlyn! Thank you for thinking of me! You can use the address on my sidebar.

Mrs. Gore said...

In lightweight denim you will get SO much wear from this skirt! But you knew that already and that is why you picked it! A great choice.

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Hello Caroline!
Beautiful skirt! I love it:)
I am so glad you commented, for I have immensely enjoyed reading your blog!

I hope you have a blessed evening!


Hannah Paige said...

I love that skirt! I just recently found your blog, I really enjoy it. you are a wonderful sewer1

~Hannah Paige

Kaitlyn Michelle said...

Hi again, Caroline! I actually decided to wait, but I will keep your address for when I do! :)