Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paris - Part Three

Le district de Monmarte et le marche des antiquites~
The district of Monmarte is one of my favorite places in Paris. Monmarte is where all of the artists come out to paint and draw. It is so neat to watch the artists work and see the many street preformers that gather here. The architecture is very different from any other part of Paris, I love it's funky and intersting style. Monmarte is on a hill and at the top you can see an amazing view of the city. Also at the top is the beautiful Sacre-coeur (sacred heart) basilica. Monmarte is also home to the *best* nutella crepe vender. :)

Next up is the amazing Paris antique market (and actually, we did this before Monmarte). A frequently asked question while shopping at this antique market was, "Umm, where is Mrs. Wendy?"

Coffee break!
Back to shopping!


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Mmmm... crepes and nutella; sounds scrumptious!