Friday, August 27, 2010

Gilded Era Chemise

Hello all! It's been a little while! Once more I have caught the historical costume bug but unlike my last several sewing projects this one is not from the Regency Era. I have recently become enamored with and been inspired by garments from the 1890's. 

My chemise is based on the following image from the Met Museum.
I used a Linen/Cotton blend from Jo-Ann and drafted the pattern myself with the above picture as a guide. The trim is a narrow cotton lace also from Jo-Ann.

(Please forgive the wrinkles, we were out of starch!)

I considered sewing the entire piece by hand but I talked myself out of it fairly quickly. I machine sewed and flat-felled the seams and hand sewed the binding, hem and trim.

I am not going for complete historical accuracy with this outfit, only for something that pleases my fancy!

Approximate cost of this project: $6.50

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

I love the way you took a photograph of the chemise...what with the old antique-y looking music laid behind it...adorable! Wrinkles rule! haha At least wrinkle rule in our Home...we have a Rowenta iron but that only ever seems to be used on fabrics...we never get around to ironing or pressing our clothing! =)