Saturday, December 4, 2010

Double Vintage

I have been doing a ton of sewing and knitting and crafting over the last three or so weeks... but I can't show any of them 'cause it's all for Christmas and I don't want certain people who I know read this blog to see-ee!

However, here is something I can share. This is a special order I recently completed for a customer on Etsy. Sorry the pictures aren't that great but they are the only one's I have.

Little girl's dress size six in blue broadcloth white sateen contrast and a mother-of-pearl belt buckle.

Ladies' pajamas size 14 in Moda cotton. I used the sleeves from the Regency gown pattern instead of the sleeves that were in the pattern as the customer preferred puffed sleeves to straight.

Have a great week! Oh, and you can look forward to a Great Big Christmas Gift Post in January!


Lynnie said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing. Like always, I enjoy seeing your handiwork! Have a Merry Christmas! (We are finally in Florida! - back and forth to NC for a little while.. but settling a bit in Florida too!)

SinginginHisName said...

I adore both the pj set and the dress! Lovely! always inspired by your sewing creations! have a merry christmas and yes I can't do a christmas gift post either until after christmas.

In Christ,