Monday, March 7, 2011

OOTD: Monday

Cardigan - Consignment Sale

Sweater - Goodwill

Jeans - Yard Sale

Shoes - Hand-me-down (or would it be Hand-me-up?) from Lillian

Necklace - Gift from Mom


KatySue Pillsbury said...

Another darling outfit! I have a question, do you have the flash off when taking your mirror pics?

Christine said...

What a cute outfit, Caroline!

Julia Eady said...

Love that sweater! ;)

Caroline said...

Thanks all!

@KatySue, Yes, I turn the flash off. Sometimes the pictures come out a little blurry but it helps that my room has a lot of windows.

@Eady, I thought you might ; )

Lillian said...

Glad you like the shoes!

Kimberly Jane said...

Thanks for leading me the corset pattern. I found that blog you were talking about! Romantic History. Neat. I like the way it looks. So yeah, idk when I will make it, but I will definitely copy the pattern and all. Thanks!