Thursday, March 3, 2011

What has she been doing?

"The Reading Lesson", Emile Munier (1940-)

Well, besides taking a little unplanned bloggy break, nothing out of the ordinary. I've been...







Watching Movies



(It's not going very well at present)

All normal, everyday sort of things, for me that is.

What have you been doing? 


Lynnie said...

Good to see your posting again. It is good to take a break.. planned or unplanned but your readers do begin to miss you! Praying that your business grows to unexpected proportions this coming year! May you get the exposure you need in order to reach those who are looking for garments like the ones you labor over.

shelby rogers said...

I enjoy your Blog so much!!!
I usally at the bookstore & doing crafts!!!!!

With hugs,
Shelby Lynn Rogers

Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Dealing with viruses, reading, cooking, cleaning, loving on the kids, and visiting with friends :)

Caroline thank you for the email and the recommendations!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear you are alive and having fun keeping yourself busy! I need to come back to my old hometown for a visit and stop in to see you so you can teach me how to sew garments! :)

I've been.....blogging, playing piano, praying, reading, teaching and traveling a bit.

All Things Lovely said...

We'd love to have you join the community at! I also live in North Carolina, so it's always fun to find someone in the blogging world that I know is living life not too far from me! Blessings!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you've been keeping busy, and are enjoying life. Good luck with the hooping... hope that goes well for you! :)

Caroline said...

@ Lynnie, You are always so sweet! Thanks! I miss running into you at the quilt store!

@ Shelby, Thanks! xo

@ Rebecca, I'm glad you got the e-mail, I was so afraid I had the address wrong!

@ Sarah Elizabeth, Oh that would be fun!

@ All Things Lovely, Thanks! I took a look 'round your site, very pretty! Unfortunately I barely have time to post on my own blog, a fact which is becoming increasingly more evident!

@ Sarah, Thanks friend! I'm thinking of buying a lighter weight hoop in hopes it will make it easier!

@ Everyone, Thanks so much! It's always so encouraging to a blogger to get comments! It means that there is someone out there reading and I'm not just talking to air!

Christine said...

Hi Caroline~
Sometimes it really is hard to find time for blogging! I have been busy teaching and spending time with my little ones, baking bread, cooking meals, reading, exercising (though not enough), and making plans for a March party to celebrate the birthdays of two of my daughters, my mother, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law. I love your blog makeover, it is so beautiful.