Monday, April 4, 2011


Good morning all! Just a quickie post this fine day, and I do mean fine! Over the weekend I finished quite a large sewing project but unfortunately I am currently camera-less, a problem which shall soon be remedied but until then here are a few springy lovelies for you to enjoy!

1) Etsy; 2) Anthropologie; 3) Etsy; 4) Etsy

Blessings to you and yours 'til we meet again!

"Why must every day involve a fight with an American?" - Downton Abbey


Julia Eady said...

I l<3ve that necklace!!!

Kate said...

So much loveliness! Are you watching Downton Abbey too? We watched it over the was a bit weird! We still have the last episode to watch though. What do you think of it?


Caroline said...

Yes, Mom and I watched it a couple of weeks ago. I thought most of it was good, I mean, there certainly were a few less than savory parts but over all I enjoyed it. I think mostly I enjoyed the characters and seeing the difference between the "classes". I loved Bates and Anna, thought the Dowager was hilarious and I really liked Lord Grantham.

We need to chat again sometime soon!