Monday, December 1, 2008

Playing "P&P"

I received the Pride and Prejudice board game for my birthday but, unfortunately, it hardly ever gets played. We recently had friends over and four of us had a good game after dinner.
It looks like I was wrong, there were five players.

Note on the title:
My brother insists on calling movies by their initials instead of their names. So Pride and Prejudice is "P and P", Emma is "E" and The Return of the King is pronounced "rot-ik". But my personal favorite is Our Mutual Friend ... "omph".

The game is available from


Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline -
Love the pictures! We do the abbreviating too, LotR for Lord of the rings and LHOTP for little house on the prairie.

Storybook Woods said...

We have been wanting this game, it looks great. Clarice

Hannah said...

I need this!