Wednesday, November 11, 2009

That was easy!

I have about ten minutes to write a post, there are no good pictures already on the computer and I have no idea what to write about! Fortunately, I have been tagged! Thanks for helping me out of a blogging jam, Mylena!

1. I saw a movie in the theater last week (which is a rarity!).
2. I almost always have someone in my lap while I'm on the computer (right now it's Olivia).
3. I have worn something that I've made every day this week (I used to never do that!)
4. I wore my thrift store pea coat today for the first time (see this post).
5. This blog is one year, one month and eleven days old.
6. I like drinking very strong teas.
7. My internet homepage is currently Anthropologie.

Now, I will give this award to:
Elinor and Marianne Dashwood

Thanks again Mylena! I will (hopefully) see you all tomorrow!


Eady said...

Do you mean your blog is one year, one month and eleven days?

Mrs. Gore said...

Caroline, we have been seriously getting to know tea lately! What is your favorite kind? We have 19 different teas in the house right now, and I am getting more! :)

Caroline said...

Oops! I was tired when I wrote that!

My favorite kind of tea is Irish Breakfast. I also like fruit flavored teas.

emily b. said...

ooooh, thanks for tagging me, Caroline! this looks like fun. :)