Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I *Heart* Wednesday

Two things: #1 - It appears I have been absent for so long that one of my far-off friends accused me of dieing and not telling her about it. #2 - I am introducing a new set of regular posts of which this is the first, their purpose: a sort mid-week pick-me-up for us all. Enjoy!

I *Heart*...

These flip-flops,
this bicycle,

these bowls,

this baby dress,

this blouse,

this duffel,

these boots,


 and this dress.

Would you like to know what all of these things have in common?

I *heart* Target.


Caroline said...

The Liberty of London collection is such fun! So far I've bought a serving platter and a picture frame, but I'm also going to pick up some storage boxes as well when the ones I want are back in stock. Their patterns are amazing!

emily b. said...

ok, i *seriously* want those flip-flops - my first thought was, "those look like liberty of london...i wonder if our target has them?"

welcome back. :)

Lillian said...

Target? I'm impressed!

Mylena said...

I *heart* Liberty London Target too!
I *Heart* EVERYTHING you just put up!


Rebecca C. Fowler said...

Caroline, we were at Target today and saw all the items you've posted :) They ARE adorable..

Oh yes, Mylena... your comment reminds me of this..
"everything you just say... are my favorite things to do..." hehe


Ashley said...

i got the flip flops (in pink) and i really want to go and get that blouse!

i heart Target!