Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week - Day Four and An Introduction

On the Town

Necklace - Etsy

Shirt - Made by me

Bangles - Gift from a friend

Cardigan - Consignment Store
(Same as yesterday)

Bag - Yard Sale
Condition: New with tags
Brand: Vera Bradley
Price: $2.00

Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet - Yard Sale
Condition: Very Good/Used
Price: $1.00

Pants - Consignment Store
Condition: Good/Used
Brand: Sonoma
Price: $5.00(?)

Shoes - Yard Sale
Condition: New without tags
Brand: Pazzo
Price: $1.00

I'm afraid I don't have any tips or tutorials for you today (don't worry, I have one planned for tomorrow) but...

Look who came out of hiding:

I would like to introduce Bella. She is a two-year-old Bengal who was in need of a new home. We brought her to ours on Monday. She is still a little unsure of us. Coming out of a home with one person and into a home with eight was a big transition for her! She seems sweet, a little frightened and very, very small, especially in comparison to our last cat who was over twenty pounds!

See you tomorrow!


Lynnie said...

A bengal! COOL! We have been researching Savannah Cats and in the future would like to get one. They are quite expensive so we have time to save until one or two of our other cats have expired. We don't really want to add to the number we already have.

I am loving your Fashion Week Reviews!!

Daughter of the King said...

Love today's outfit Caroline, and Bella is adorable! I cannot believe you scored a deal on finding a Vera Bradley purse for that price...gah! I can't believe it! :)

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! Bella is adorable! I love and I mean *love* kittys... hope she gets adjusted to your family quickly ;)

Amanda Flynn said...

Great outfit! I love all the pieces and they go wonderfully together. :)

A friend of mine has a couple of Bengals. They are pretty neat, and the only cat that some of my siblings would agree to have in the house! ;) lol

Katie said...

That is so cool!

Emily said...

I have loved your Fashion Week - and seeing your clothes! I also thrift store shop and can find some really great things!

Have a blessed Easter!