Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secondhand Fashion Week Day Three

Vintage Inspired

(Olivia insisted on being in the picture!)

Dress - Made by me

Cardigan - Consignment Store
Condition: Good/Used
Brand: George
Price: $2.00 (?)

Sterling Silver Ball Earrings - 
Yard Sale

Spoon End Pendant - 
Yard Sale

I'm afraid I don't have a tutorial for you today but I do have this...

Don't throw away those pretty cardboard clothing tags (not that you shop in regular stores *wink*) because they make great little bookmarks!

I also have this...

These little boots were Cole's and then they were Emma's...

and then they were Mary Laurence's and then Olivia's...

and now they're Georgia Beth's.

(Oh, and her dress came from a yard sale.)

Perhaps tomorrow (or the next day, it depends) I will be able to share a picture of our new arrival. Right now she spends most of her time in hiding and when she does come out she will not condescend to show us more than a quick flash of her tail. But she'll get used to us, by and by.


Marissa and Andrea said...

She is so cute! :) Love your dress, too! :)

Amanda Flynn said...

Fun! Your dress is adorable and I second the tags as bookmarks idea - I do it all the time. ;)

Lillian said...

Love GB's boots!
And your dress, of course

Ashley Nicole said...

So cute!

Courtney said...

Hi There! I found your blog through AmandabethOnline..and I really enjoyed looking through it! I saw on a previous post that you are familiar with Pioneer Woman........we ADORE her recipes!! Her cookbook is fabulous..I could eat it up, literally.